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Audit Essay Examples

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Justin Kealey, CPA, is auditing Tustin Companies, Inc. Kealey has accumulated known and likely misstatements for the current year to evaluate whether there is a sufficiently low risk of material misstatement of the financial statements to issue an opinion. However, Kealey notes that there are several misstatements that have been carried over from prior years….

Flat Cargo Berhad

Air Cargo Industry is a highly competitive with low profit margin industry operated by 85 operators within Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. Flat Cargo Berhad (FCB) was one of them with several subsidiaries related to this industry. FCB was recognized as one of the biggest air freight companies in Malaysia. With the flourishing of…


Effectiveness of Internal Auditing of institutions and bodies formed under Acts of Parliament has been less studied and reported in the literature. The study is focused in examining the relationship between the employees’ attitude and perception and the internal Audit’s effectiveness in delivering on their roles in a rapidly evolving environment and public’s awareness of…



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The Worldcom Fraud

Introduction The purpose of this report is to investigate and discuss the accounting fraud that occurred at WorldCom in order to recommend improved strategies to Berkshire Hathaway’s management for avoiding investments in companies with fraudulent financials. Accounting fraud is a crime committed by high level employees at an organization to manipulate the organization’s financial statements…

Payroll Accounting

I visited Cabela’s on friends and family night, so I observed their internal controls. I also asked my inside source of their internal controls that are not seen on the sales floor. My source provided me with Cabela’s Business Code and Ethics which clearly states: “All Outfitters are required to; appropriately manage and safeguard Cabela’s…


Discussion Questions 1. The owners of Lakeside as well as the company’s bank may require that an independent CPA firm perform an annual audit because the CPA firm could have an independence issue. The CPA firm in that Lakeside wants to hire is also the auditors for Lakesides main financial bank. The bank is a…

Ford and Toyota

a. Both Ford and Toyota management comment on the fact that internal control over financial reporting has “inherent limitations.” What are those inherent limitations? Inherent limitations of internal control over financial reporting include things like fraud, human error, overriding of controls. Internal controls, no matter how big or small the company, can only assure that…

Koss management Case

1. Why might Koss management have placed so much trust in Sachdeva, along with minimal supervision and monitoring? Koss management might have placed so much trust in Sachdeva because she was is such a high position. She worked in the company as Vice President, when you are that high on the totem pole, you are…

Global Corporate Citizenship

1. Do you think that apple has demonstrated global corporate citizenship, as defined in this chapter ? Why or Why not ? Global corporate citizenship means that companies must not only be engaged with stakeholders but stakeholders themselves alongside government and civil society. Since companies depend on global development, which in turn relies on stability…

Acct 410 Government and Not for Profit Chp 11-15 Quiz

Question 1 4 out of 4 points | | | Federal funds must be used only for activities that are within the scope of the grant would be a(n)Answer | | | | | Selected Answer:| allowable activity| Correct Answer:| allowable activity| | | | | Question 2 0 out of 4 points | |…

Stages of Study and Evaluation of Internal Control

The stages/activities involve in studying and evaluating internal control are: A. Obtaining an understanding of the entity’s internal control structure. B. Assessing the preliminary level of control risk. C. Obtaining evidential matter to support the assessed level of control risk. D. Evaluating the results of evidential matter. E. Determining the necessary level of detection risk….

Recommendation Brief for an Internal Accountant

Currently, a client with an out-of-control system is grasping for a change in order to regain their internal controls. For any company, internal controls are highly important for success. Internal controls assist with minimizing mistakes and dishonesty; however will not completely eliminate them. The client has an out-of-control system in operation and will definitely benefit…

The Earnings Management Issue of WorldCom Case Study Report

Introduction WorldCom, the telecommunications giant, once was the largest telecommunications company in the world, with more than $30 billion annual revenue, $104 billion in assets and more than 20 million customers. John Sidgmore (2002), Ebbers’ successor after the scandal, said “WorldCom is a key component of our nation’s economy and communications infrastructure.” However, the giant…

Issues in Fit Food Inc

Significant part of the behavioural displacement can be related to results control system that is in place. FFI is evaluating the divisional personals’ performance based on their achievement of Annual Operating plans; some of those are like •Achieving 7% divisional growth rates •Bonuses based on achievement (upto 150%)of annual operating plans and no bonuses on…

An Assesment of the Role of the Auditor in Fighting Corruption in an Organization

CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Reliable accounting and financial reporting issued by auditors help organisations in allocating resources from the society in an efficient manner. Although the primary goal of an organisation is profit making and to allocate limited capital resources to the production of goods and services for which society’s demand is great,…

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