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Assignment 1: Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected Essay

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The goal of The United States Postal Service is to create “a free flow of information between citizens and their governemnt as a cornerstone of freedom, often spoke of a nation bound together by a system of postal roads and post offices.” (Longley 2013) Postal offices are forbidden to open any letters unless it is undelieverbale.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is resposible for providing postal services for the United States to all Americans no matter the geographical location. The United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the United States federal government that was formed Washington DC in July 1971. Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General. In 1775 The United States Postal Service started to move the mail.

In the 19th century the postal system helped to expand the West by providing a covenient inexpensive form of communication. The cost of stamps ranged from $0.05 to $0.10 depending on the distance the mail was traveling to and from. The post office used steamboats and railroads to deliver mail. On an annual basis the postal system carried roughly 2900 letters and newspapers.

The postal services grew rapidly in the 20th Century, taking over air mail services, hiring roughly 40 pilots and delivering over 49 million letters to different places. Now the Post Office delivers over 170 billion pieces of mail each year and it has over 31,000 post officce located all over the world. Mail for military bases were established during this time period making mail accesible to Army Post Office and Fleet (Navy) Post Offices. Emering from snail mail the postal systme has designed a way to reduce cost and produce revenue.

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With technology, the postal system now offers self services to those needing assitance mailing mail, letters, packages, etc via the internet through their 2013 Vision’s “Intelligent Mail”. Consumers log on the internet and proceed to the postal service homepage and pay for shipping and postage and they have the ability to drop their products off at a central location or arrange for pickUltimately, The United States Postal Service objective is to “create engaged, loyal customers by satisfying their needs better than the alternatives.” (www.usps.com) Patrick Donahoe current holds the title of Postmaster General.

The United States Postal Service currently employs over 545,000 men, women, African American, Hispanic, Caucasians from all over the world. It has the largest distribution system in the entire country and it operates the largest fleet vehicle in the world with over 260,000 vehicles. The USPS is able to effectively run their business because it has a diverse workforce. “Managing diverse workforces has become a staple of many management training programs, and alternative and “family-friendly” work arrangements have become important factors in recruitment and retention strategies, as well as being significant considerations in efforts to increased productivity.” (Nigro pg. 15)

One key historical event that happened within the postal system back in1970 was the postal workers in New York went on strike because of low wages. I’m sure the public went into a frantic because of the strike. I can’t imaine ordering medicine for my sick elderly grandparents and find out that their medicine could not be delivered because of the strike.

My family would be devastated. The workers gained a lot of support from the United Stated Post Office Department and they were able to negotiate a contract with the union to receive better pay and working conditons and resume services. Society has come a long ways, because back in 1968, it was forbidden to form and join unions according to the federal courts. According to Nigro, “the courts had also ruled that public workers have no constitutional right to collective bargaining or to strike against their employers.” (pg 32)

Gaining the support of any union is extremely important. In the Obama Administration it worked towards improving labor management relations. “Robert Tobias (2010) argues that to be effective, human resource managers need to embrace the possibility of positive and productive relations with labor unions.” (Riccucci pg. 10-11)

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